Engineered Gears


Expert Designers and Manufacturers of Mechanical Power Transmission Products and Industry Specific Applications

Established in 2015, Engineered Gears brings along over 12 years of experience within the design and manufacturing of mechanical power transmission products and industry specific applications.

With expertise and experience to design and manufacture various gears, gearboxes, conveyor chain and various power transmission products. The company is in the business of mechanical power transmission engineering to solve and supply all kinds of engineering products and services.

During 2016, Engineered Gears partnered with Reeco Engineering as a strategic manufacturing partner. This partnership was highly motivated by the desire to respond rapidly to customers and the manufacturing capability encompassed by Reeco Engineering. We then combine extensive precision engineering experience with gear design and engineering.

Reeco Engineering has gained reputation for quality and competitiveness, the company realised that precision engineering was the future and invested in the first CNC Lathe in 1992.

Since then, the company has been constantly developing and investing back into the business and quality improvements, being able to acquire more than 12 CNC machines and currently operating under a 1500m2 facility located in Benoni.



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We are a partner for all kind of engineered solutions, creating partnerships between our dedicated associates and manufacturing site. We strive to achieve the shared objective and culture of personal growth and professional success through teamwork that emphasizes uncompromising quality and on-time delivery.
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Our ultimate goal is to design and develop robust and durable products in a cost effective manner and to achieve a customer satisfaction through a reliable service.

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Our target is to penetrate the maintenance and gearbox replacement market for industrial drives and applications. We believe we can build our track record and credibility to later expand into project houses with a full gearbox family product offering for all industrial applications.