Engineered Gears

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We Design and Build Industrial Gearboxes and Power Transmission Products for Low to High Torque Application Requirements.


To us, a gearbox is an indispensable element of power transmission drives for most mechanical systems.

Therefore it is very essential to assure the gearbox design and development before they are put to use, to ensure the trouble free functioning of the system. Our engineering design team integrates with yours to the extent you choose.

That could include and not limited to our below services:


Designed and manufactured to customer’s specifications and application requirements.



Making recommendations for improving efficiency and reducing noise.



We brainstorm multiple gearing concepts and take one all the way through the design, material selection, tooling, and manufacturing phases.


Replicating the external dimensions of an obsolete gear unit to enable the new gear unit to be fitted in its existing mounting position. Designed to meet and exceed the life requirements and operating conditions.



The shaft-bearing package calculates the static and fatigue strength of shafts according to well accepted standards (FKM, DIN), checks the deformation and critical running speeds of shafts and bearings. The bearing life is calculated based on the reaction forces in the shaft analysis taking into account the lubrication effects.

High quality, high specification gears are designed and manufactured using leading edge gear design technology. The KISSsoft calculation program has been developed to focus on the needs of mechanical engineers and power transmission professionals. The gear package calculates the geometry and performance characteristics of different gears.

From the first rough design to the final manufacturing and quality assurance, we integrate systems to ensure high quality gears. Refined design and optimization algorithms simplify the entire design process and guarantee that the necessary degree of safety is achieved.


  • Spur / Helical Gears
  • Straight & Spiral Bevel Gears
  • Hypoid Gears
  • Double / Crossed helical gears
  • Single & Double Enveloping Worm Gears
  • Face gears
  • Spline Shafts

Refurbishing an existing gearbox to a good as new product can cost 40% less than a replacement unit and can even reduce turnaround time from an average 8 weeks to 1 week depending on the scope of work. Our gearbox experience enables us to carried out refurbishments and services on all known brands and types of industrial gearboxes.

We offer a complete gearbox refurbishment service, repairs and upgrade programme with a rapid response service to ensure minimum customer disruption and downtime. We have an unparalleled insight into the environments in which gearboxes operate, and how different types and applications function.

Our service focus is to be with you on-site as fast as possible. Our teams work closely with your on-site personnel to ensure that any impact on operations and cost of ownership is kept to an absolute minimum.


  • Refurbishment & Repairs
  • Onsite Inspections & Diagnostics
  • Upgrades
  • Testing
  • Installation & Commissioning Support
  • Failure Analysis & RCA

Years of precision CNC machining skills and versatile machines ensures we can manufacture components with difficult metals, tough tolerances and challenging geometries.

We are capable to do small volumes to high volume finished part machining which can include complete material supply, heat treatment, Wire EDM, machining and precision grinding.

With our engineering and design capabilities, we also manufacture and supply flexible & rigid couplings, sprag clutches and conveyor chains to the highest standards matching major OEM’s.


  • CNC Machining (Max 950mm Diameter)
  • CNC Milling (with fully integrated 4th Axis)
  • Vertical Boring Machine
  • Internal Slotting (440mm Long)
  • CAD/CAM Programs


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Our focus on the unique challenges within the heavy industry has enabled us to support and supply the success of industrial power transmission products in all types and sizes.

  • Power Generation
  • Rail Transportation
  • Steel Manufacturing
  • Sugar Mills
  • Mining & Quarrying
  • Material Handling
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Cement Mills
  • FMCG
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To our customer, we are a solution partner not only for the gearbox design and development, but also for the implementation of complete gearbox solution and system engineering.

  • Cooling Tower Gearbox Design to Replace Hansen Unit.
  • Turbine Driven to Electric Motor Driven Mill Gearbox Conversation Design.
  • 17” Double Reduction Worm Gear Unit Failure Analysis & Re-design.
  • BEW BTA 260 X 40/1 BEV/HEL Drop in Replacement Design.
  • Holdback / Backstop Sprocket Design.
  • 250mm Pitch Block Chain Design (Cast Steel).
  • Material Selection – Reduce Noise – Heat Treatment Distortion – Strength.
  • 160mm Pitch Anti Bend-Back Chain Design.
  • Moving Head Conveyor Chain Design.
  • Drop-in-Replacement for Hansen RND24BNN Cooling Tower Gearbox